Philosophy of Mind

Topics in Intelligence and Consciousness (Systems, Machines, A.I.)


Are We Free? The Argument for Fatalism from Antecedent Truth (Time)

Intro to Analytic and Synthetic Judgments, and Their Minimum Role in His Metaphysics (Kant)

Can You Say That? The Argument for How Judgments of the Mind Apply to Objects in the World (Kant)

Cause and Effect via Kant: Kant and the Case for a Law of Causality (Kant)


The Goal of All Human Action, and How Knowledge of This Goal Can Guide Us (Aristotle)

The Unity of the Virtues and the Possible Normative Guidance of This Unity (Aristotle)

The Moral Status of Commercial Global Surrogacy (Surrogacy, Bioethics)

After-Birth Abortion: a Justification by Giubilini and Minerva and of this Justification, a Critique (Abortion, Ethics, Bioethics)

Societal Relativism? Discussing Harman’s Defense of Moral Relativism (Metaethics)


How Do We Know What We Know? Descartes on Clear and Distinct Perception (Descartes)

Hands (On the Absurdity of Proving Common Sense) (Epistemology, Ontology, Phenomenology)

Philosophy of Religion

What is a God? Epicurus and an Ancient Philosophy of Religion (Epicurus)