[Path of Exile] Useful Stuff

The PoE community makes a lot of useful things. Here are a few of them.

>I’m crafting. Can my item roll xyz?
PoE Affix list:

>How do I into maps?
Decent map guide:

>Where do I farm at level xyz?
Experience penalty calculator:

>I’m planning a build and I can’t figure out what auras I can fit in?
Mana Reserve Calculator – and don’t use question marks to end statements, you cakefart:

>What builds are good right now?
Tool that tracks builds used on ladder: (note, this won’t be useful to a total beginner)

>Is there an easy way to track developer posts?
Tool tracking developer posts:
Forum post:

>How many chromes should I expect to use to get the right sockets for my build?
Vorici calculator:

>Logout macro?
Both require AHK.
Logout macro, quick reply to whispers, hideout shortcut, rank display, and more:
Alternative (used by etup):

>How do I price items?
Mathil’s Pricing Guide:

>Why are you all such elitist jerks?


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