Torrent of Fear – Forgotten Conduit, Aqueduct.

Ossecatti, Boneshaper – Entombed Chamber, Catacombs (Act 3- Marketplace sub-zone).

Shrapnelbearer – Entombed Alcove, Crypt (both levels)

Konu, Maker of Wind – Clouded Ridge, Ledge

Quetzerxi – Abandoned Dam, Dried Lake

Commander of Flesh – Ancient Catacomb, Dried Lake

Atziri’s Pride – Secret Laboratory, Chamber of Sins 2

Kutec, Vaal Fleshsmith – Secluded Copse, North Forest; Weaver’s Chambers;  Dread Thicket

Perquil the Lucky – Sunken Shingle, Mud Flats & Ship Graveyard (spawns on the coast)

Coniraya, Shadow of Malice – Forgotten Oubliette, Prison (Both levels)

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